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The title of a tutorial in WikiHTP is crucially important. Since all tutorials link together it is important that we follow the same title conventions. Overall, WikiHTP titles should be the most concise, most commonly searched way to describe the content.

The finer points[edit]

A good title should:

  • Be short and simple, expressing one basic action.
  • Be clearly distinct from titles on similar pages. The reader must have enough information to decide if they want to click on "How to Submit a Form Using Ajax" or "How to Submit a Form using JavaScript". Thus titles like "How to Submit a Form" are not informative enough.
  • Don't start with the words "how to". These will be added automatically when each article is created, therefore, you need not type How To.
  • Be in "Title capitalization case," (for the English WikiHTP), which capitalizes every word except "of", "a", "the", "and", "an", "or", "nor", "but", "if", "then", "else", "when", "up", "at", "from", "by", "on", "off", "for", "in", "out", "over", and "to". Words which are supposed to be in the lower case such as wiki or in all caps such as AJAX should be converted to those cases.
  • Free of excess punctuation.
  • Denote in which framework or language you are going to use. For example, a tutorial such as "How to Decode a JSON String" should be renamed "How to Decode a JSON String in PHP" or "How to Decode a JSON String - PHP".
  • Cover one topic and one topic only. Thus "How to Decode a JSON String in PHP" would be a good title. On the other hand, "How to Decode a JSON String in PHP and JavaScript" should be split into two different pages.
  • Not contain superfluous words such as "properly", "correctly", "the right way". For example, a tutorial title such as "How to Secure Your WordPress Website in the right way" should be renamed "How to Secure Your WordPress Website". Since all WikiHTP tutorials should demonstrate the "correct" or "proper" way to do something, the extra modifier is unnecessary.


Good example titles:

  • "How to Handle Ajax HTTP Response Code"
  • "How to Use Window.Prompt in Javascript"
  • "How to Secure PHP Version Leakage"
  • "How to Submit a File Uploads Form Using Ajax"
  • "How to Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery in PHP"

Examples of poor article titles:

  • "How to Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery in PHP So that No One Can Able Hack Your Website"
  • "Secure PHP Version Leakage"
  • "How to Secure PHP Version Leakage?"
  • "Prevent Cross-Site Request Forgery Because I Am Having Trouble Uninstalling a Program, Help"
  • "How to Secure Your WordPress Website in the right way" - All articles should describe the correct method.

How to Pick a New WikiHTP Title[edit]

  1. Research title ideas to determine which phrases are most commonly searched. You can start by just typing the possible titles into Google or another search engine and seeing which one has the most results; this is a likely indicator of the most common/obvious wording.
  1. Use Google Trends, if desired, to investigate the options further. Click here to access the Google Trends tool.
  • In this example, which of the following phrases is more popular?
    • How to make a website
    • How to create a website
    • How to make a webpage
    • How to create a webpage
  • Type the first phrase into the search box. When the display pops up, click "+Add Term" and add the other phrases you want to compare.
  • Review the graph of the search queries to see which one has been most popular over time. For this example, "how to make a website" wins over the other results.

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