How to Hide Your Email from Spam Bots

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Create JS function that has your E-mail[edit]

function  genadresse (user) {      
  var domain = "yourdomain" ;  // enter here the name of your domain 
  var pays = "fr" ;           // fr, com, be, ch 
  var atsign = String.fromCharCode(64);  // this is the sign @ 
  var point = String.fromCharCode(46); // it's the "." point 
  var adr = user+ atsign+ domain + point + country ; 
  document.write("<"+"a"+""+"href ="+"my"+String.fromCharCode(105)+"lto"+String.fromCharCode(58)+adr +">"+adr+"");

Save this function in the file "genadresse.js" in the "/ js" directory of your website.

Call that Js in HTML page[edit]

    <title>Test page</title> 
    <script src="js/genaddress.js" type="text/javascript"></script>     
    <script type="text/javascript">genadresse("info")</script> 

On the page in question you will see:

But the robot will only see "<script type =" text / javascript "> genadresse (" info ") </ script>" and as it looks for a string of the style " *@*.* "he will not find it. Spam on this address should decrease.

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