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Sometimes you may want to receive an information from PHP through Ajax. Receiving a string as Ajax Response Code is may difficult to read about information. So one of the easiest ways to read information is JSON output so that you have to encode a JSON string in PHP. Here we are going to discuss how to convert array/object to JSON in PHP.

Encoding a JSON string

The json_encode function will convert a PHP array (or, since PHP 5.4, an object which implements the JsonSerializable interface) to a JSON-encoded string. It returns a JSON-encoded string on success or FALSE on failure.

$array = [
    'name' => 'Jeff',
    'age' => 20,
    'active' => true,
    'colors' => ['red', 'blue'],
    'values' => [0=>'foo', 3=>'bar'],

During encoding, the PHP data types string, integer, and boolean are converted to their JSON equivalent. Associative arrays are encoded as JSON objects, and – when called with default arguments – indexed arrays are encoded as JSON arrays. (Unless the array keys are not a continuous numeric sequence starting from 0, in which case the array will be encoded as a JSON object.)

echo json_encode($array);




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